Monoblock Drilling Tools for Automotive Glasses


Automotive glass processing needs proficiency, experience, and knowledge. Thanks to our years of experience, technical competence and investments we have made, as Teknik Elmas, we produce the best quality Monoblock drilling bits for the automotive glass industry.

TeknikElmas Monoblock Drilling bits are available in various dimensions from 4 mm to 120 mm. If the size you want is not available, please contact us to produce it for you with the highest quality you desire.

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Special Drilling bits for White Goods Glasses


Teknik Elmas Special Drillings tools are ideal for highly precise drilling without any chips for White Goods/Home Appliances glasses. Our Special Drillings tools enable to work perfectly with all types of automatic and manual machines. Thanks to its well-designed cone, it enables to be connected with countersinks and it works without countersinks as well.

Teknik Elmas Special Drilling bits are available in various dimensions from 4 mmto 60 mm with lengh  toptions. 
If the size you want is not available, please contact us to produce it for you with the highest quality you desire.

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Standard Drilling bits for architectural and other standard glasess


Teknik Elmas Standard Drilling tools bring you brilliant solutions for your architectural glass drillings. In addition to extremely precise drilling with high speeds, it also allows you get optimal results. Teknik Elmas Special Drilling bits are available in various dimensions from 4 mm to 160 mm with lenghtoptions. 

If the size you want is not available, please contact us to produce it for you with the highest quality you desire.


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