Our Primary Mission

Our primary goal, as a leading technological glass processing tools producer , is to create a world where glass is the leading ecological material of choice in the light of the products developed by Teknik Elmas. 

Innovative solutions for glass processing industry

Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction

TEKNİK ELMAS continues to operate successfully with its nearly 50 years of experience in the sector. Furthermore, it has become a company that emphasizes efficiency and quality in service production within the framework of high quality service standards and free market economy rules, which are increasing in parallel with the rapidly developing technology in the world. With our young, dynamic and strong research and development activity structure, we have increased our product range in a short time and has become the most prestigious brand of the sector. Our company continues its activities in an area of 2700 m2 in Istanbul Esenyurt Industrial Zone, in Istanbul

Our Desire for Innovative Progress


Guided by this principle of constant innovation and diversity, Teknin Elmas aims to become a trusted brand in the industry, and their primary goal is to make Teknik Elmas machinery and services the most practical choice for producing ecological glass products.

Thanks to our commitment to values, principles and innovative quality that make us the leading company in the glass processing industry, we support our customers by providing absolute and creative solutions to achieve sustainable profitability and an increased market share.